Custom Printed Plastic Cards

Pre-printed Plastic Cards / Custom Printed Plastic Cards

Pre-printed Plastic Cards / Custom Printed Plastic Cards

Our service bureau are producing and supplying plastic cards for all purposes. The cards are used in many be different context in daily life, including ID cards, access cards, membership cards, press card, loyalty cards, club cards, season tickets, laundry cards, employee cards and etc. The design will be made in collaboration with the customer and can include photos, text, logo, barcode, signature field and etc. Our service bureau can provide a test card, so you can see how it might look like. At the same time, we can provide just the right price on the plastic card.

  • Contact us for a quote or a sample card
  • Or send material for plastic card production to

Read below about how the material should be made to all plastic card production:


Format / size 86.0 x 54.0 mm (but do not make round corners in the documentwe will make them in the production) (the subject is allowed to be 5 mm bigger format).

If the file is with crop marks, must there also be a file without them.

Variable text / fields on the cards, there must be a file with an example (preferably a locked format - eg. Jpg) and a file without the variable.

Draft or the like may be submitted in the following file formats-PDF EPS TIF PSD WORD (files must not be locked against editing).

The files can be sent digital e-mail address .

The files should preferably be 600 x 600 dpi in CYMK colors.

Only your imagination sets the limits!