Supplies for franking machines

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Pitney bowes DM50 K780001 farvepatron (ink cartridge). Blækpatron K700 original. Rød med fluorescens.
DKK 500.00 excl tax
Secap 300c/400c ink cartridge. 30502507.
DKK 1251.00 excl tax
Secap 300c/400c waste tray kit. (login/register to see your price) 4G3-2206.
DKK 1082.00 excl tax
Ribbons for Vario IT franking machine. 30504000.
From DKK 392.00 excl tax
Franking/mailing labels each 40x150 mm. (white) box of 1000 pieces. 22000002.
DKK 460.00 excl tax
Vario IT Franking/mailing labels each 40x165 mm. (white) box of 1000 pieces. 22000006.
DKK 460.00 excl tax
DKK 100.00 excl tax
Compressed air 400 ml - Purified gas under pressure.
DKK 225.00 excl tax
Vario IT module for Internet Connection (frankering machine).
DKK 1489.00 excl tax
Machine / inserting envelopes KC5-Opus R V2 (1508/4160). Opus KC5 R m / window 4160 folded flap. Size 162x229 mm.
DKK 0.32 excl tax
Reklame-/afsenderkliche til frankeringsmaskinen.
Call for pricing
Jiffy bag/Bubble-lined postal bags 230 x 340 mm.
From DKK 3.00 excl tax
Jiffy bag/Bubble-lined postal bags 350 x 470 mm.
From DKK 4.00 excl tax